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Thogus: History of Innovation

Thogus was co-founded in 1950 by Jack Thompson (the grandfather of Thogus president Matt Hlavin) and Walter Gus. Thompson and Gus combined their names to name their company: Thogus.

Thogus (pronounced toe-gus) began as a tool and die company, and then grew to become an injection molding company. Through constant innovation and visionary leadership, Thogus has evolved into a modern company that offers creative, reliable solutions.

Thogus molded the first nylon and polyethylene plastic tube and hose fittings in 1950. Since that time, the family-owned company has grown exponentially. The Thogus family of companies now contains multiple companies:

  • Thogus: Plastic injection molding and fittings
  • rp+m: Rapid prototyping and manufacturing
  • RPT: Radiation Protection Technologies
  • JALEX Medical: Medical devices, Regulatory and Quality Consulting

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  • Inspection Operator Level 1- (12 Hour Nights Schedule- 6:30pm-7am)

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