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A Journey of Continuous Improvement

by bree palacios9. December 2014 11:15


Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination. Thogus Products began its adventure in 2009.

Over the course of the past 5 years, Thogus Products has made numerous ‘lean’ changes within the plant floor and offices which have positively impacted the company. ‘Lean’ is a method that many manufacturing companies practice to eliminate overall waste and improve processes. This is accomplished in means of reducing time, product and cost.

One of the most important ways in which Thogus Products creates solutions to eliminate waste is provided through the voice of the employee. Employees are encouraged to submit management alert cards when they find possible solutions to current waste in and around the plant floor. These cards are then reviewed through the Continuous Improvement Department where a new process is established and employees are then trained appropriately.

During the beginning of their ‘lean’ journey, Thogus Products invested in robotic arms to separate parts from the tooling cavities. Conveyors allowed parts to cool before dropping into a box to be sorted.

Listed below are further ways in which Thogus has created new ‘lean’ processes:

- AC and a chiller system were installed within the past two years which helped control the environment and the rate at how quickly parts cooled.

- Gaylord tippers were suggested by employees to allow material to continuously flow into the press hoppers. Portable gaylord tippers are also used which allow operators to tip/lift material from any location within the plant. This, too, was a suggestion by an employee.

- Job boards can be seen located at each press which display work order information, instructions, change process, lights, outlets and room to work freely. These boards allow operators to find all information needed to have a successful production run. The boards are also portable, which allows the operators to take them to other stations if needed.

- A forklift charging station was recently created in November. This station appears as a mini parking lot. All forklifts are to be returned to the station when not being used. There, other employees can locate the lifts and will have no worries of them not being charged.

There is no such thing as perfect, but Thogus Products believes that there is always room for improvement.

Portable gaylord tipper- Suggestion by Employee  

Portable gaylord tipper











Portable Job Boards- Suggestion by Employee












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How Many Meals Did The Avon Lake Food Fight Raise For Second Harvest?

by Dana Foster12. December 2013 13:32

Yesterday, Thogus had the revealing event of the total number of meals raised during the Second Harvest Avon Lake Food Fight.  For the second year in a row, Avon Lake companies participated in a friendly competition on raising meals for Second Harvest.  Both the overall number of meals raised and the top company was announced.  The top company received a 3D printed trophy! Click here to read the results in The Morning Journal article.   

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The Importance of an Internship

by Dana Foster26. March 2013 08:30


An internship is an invaluable experience for any college student. Before receiving that diploma, it is imperative for each student to begin his/her professional career while still in school. This parallel experience exposes students to real-life application of academic theory and teachings, acclimates prospective graduates to various professional cultures, and builds the students personal brand and professional network.

More important than academics is having the knowledge and experience to apply them. Each internship provides a student with real-life problem-solving skills in a professional atmosphere. As a double major at Cleveland State University with two years ago, I chose to participate in multiple internships in parallel with my academic career because school can only teach us so much. College teaches us the theories and fundamentals applied in our industries, but life experiences make those fundamentals a reality with complex problems and evolutionary solutions. Confucius verbalizes this concept best: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

As well as acclimating the student to the professional realm of business, interning is a chance to find one's niche in the grand scheme of one's career. A business is about more than just processes and people. Each company has a culture structured through missions and values, implemented through management, and executed through people. Thogus has a unique, family-like culture and set of processes known as “the Thogus way.” Thogus and its people have created a welcoming, energetic, high-paced environment providing a productive and pleasant work space for all. An internship gives the student a jumpstart on finding where he or she fits as an individual. After all, as human beings, we long to fit in a culture similar to who we are and how we think. The culture is the face of the company.

Lastly, every internship helps a student develop a professional network all her (or his) own. During this fast-paced and communication-driven generation, the importance of networking is at an all-time high. Every student will establish connections all over the city in which she works to build her “personal brand.” Thogus has been an amazing opportunity to learn with this team as they grow and expand and meet some fantastic people to remain in my network of professional people for years to come.

              My internship at Thogus has been an eye-opening experience. I have never worked somewhere so many people were happy with where they work. As a rapidly growing small business, Thogus is commemorated for its game-changing innovation and technology in the manufacturing industry as well as ability to maintain a positive, energetic work atmosphere. “The Thogus Experience” has been memorable for from a perspective of real-life application, great culture, and fantastic additions to my network.

Written By: Kristen DeSantis


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