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The Perks of Having My Birthday Off

by Caroline23. December 2015 08:40

There comes the day as an adult where your birthday is just not as important as it once was. Yes, you might get some phone calls, a few cards, and maybe some presents, but typically it is just another day. Other than your milestone birthdays it really isn’t that big of a deal. As adults we accept that and move on. 

Two years ago my company, Thogus, created the policy where you get your birthday off, and if your birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you get to take a Friday or Monday off. My birthday is in early December and the first year this went into effect, it fell on a Tuesday. Initially, I kind of scoffed at the idea. ‘Who cares?,’ I thought. It’s just a day. No big deal. Then that Tuesday rolled around and I honestly had one of the best birthdays ever. No exaggeration, no hyperbole. It was AWESOME. 

To preface, I am a married mother of two toddlers so my free time never really feels like free time. I am always on the go. I am not whining or complaining, it is just the way it is. When that Tuesday rolled around I started my day by not waking up to my alarm. On a Tuesday. AMAZING. My husband took the kiddos to the sitter and I sat in my quiet house with a grin on my face. I decided I would head off to the local mall to do some shopping. Not worrying about crowds on a Tuesday I took my time and leisurely strolled from store to store. I enjoyed something I so rarely had, time. 

This year’s birthday rolled around and I greeted it with glee. Again to have a day to myself to do what I want, when I want, is the greatest gift I can be given. I would never use a vacation day on my birthday; It just seems wasteful. This requires me to not be at work on my birthday and I love it! I would encourage most companies out there to create a policy like this. It may seem small or insignificant, but it means so much to me because what I am getting is time and freedom and for that I am grateful. 

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Accelerating Cleveland’s Growth

by Caroline1. December 2015 07:25


On Thursday, November 19, President and CEO of Thogus Matt Hlavin joined Mark Avsec, Vice-Chair of the Innovations, Information Technology and Intellectual Property Practice Group at Benesch and Rick Pollack, president of MakerGear at the Association of Corporate Growth (ACG) event regarding the 3D Printing Revolution. In keeping with the ACG theme for the year, “Accelerating Cleveland’s Growth,” ACG designed a panel discussion around 3D printing technology, its uses and limitations, and the legal implications surrounding it now and what may be coming down the road. 


The evening began with both Thogus and MakerGear greeting guests at tables where guests could touch, feel and see how 3D printing works, and how it can be applied to the commercial space.


The panel discussion was orchestrated in such a way that guests began their journey learning about Rick Pollack’s motivation for starting his company MakerGear and how he had designed his system to really help the professional consumer, or “prosumer”, start to propagate their ideas for validation and/or commercialization. Rick’s units sell into all 50 states and he struggles to keep up with demand. But, he stressed the importance that his technology is not your kitchen counter unit for anyone – you need to have the skills to operate the same programs an individual would need to run a traditional CNC machine.


ACG Panel Discussion

From MakerGear, the discussion transitioned to Matt Hlavin, President and CEO of Thogus Products Company. Matt shared a video on Advanced Manufacturing that demonstrates the transformation of traditional manufacturing through the use of 3D printing. Matt shared his insights on 3D-printing that stem from the company’s original investment in additive manufacturing back in 2009 to today. He elaborated on how the technology has not only allowed him to experiment with the technology and how it integrates into traditional manufacturing at Thogus, but to also create a stand-alone company to focus on a full-service offering of additive services from prototyping to development to rapid manufacturing. 


Committing to additive manufacturing has also allowed Thogus to expand its capabilities to traditional manufacturing companies, while attracting top talent into the industry. Matt elaborated on the limitations that have yet to be overcome – material development and availability, in-process quality monitoring, and repeatability. When asked if the technology would every replace CNC – Matt made it clear that it isn’t one technology or the other, but it is a choice as to what is the right technology for the application. Matt’s final comments with regards to all of this, were that this is not a 3D Revolution, but really should be seen as an Evolution. We will continue to learn how to leverage this technology, apply it in ways we can’t yet envision, and the industry will have to learn how to collaborate and adapt to allow us to fully realize its potential.


This played really well into Mark Avsec’s position on IP protection and IP law with regards to this evolution. From Mark’s experience in music in his early career, he was able to draw strong connection with what happened in the music industry to what is happening in the manufacturing/additive space. From his view, 3D printing technology will transform the way companies conduct business, affecting manufacturing processes and disrupting the supply chain, with substantial implications for intellectual property. This topic brought to light a whole new perspective for the audience on the implications of investments and the concerns with managing how these technologies are shared or accessed. File sharing for printing is a huge part of how information is exchanged for 3D, and with the availability of 3D scanners it is easier more than ever to knock off someone’s IP and manufacture it yourself. Kitchen counter consumers are not the concern necessarily, but individuals or companies with access to a critical mass or channel to market do need to be monitored. Caterpillar was a highlighted example. Caterpillar currently has 3D printers in-house that are used to manufacture spare parts. They are considering allowing these printers to be set up at distributors, but how will they control the use of their IP around their part design. How do you ensure brand integrity once it is release? Liability issues?



The guests had many questions that continued the discussion until almost 7pm. Most of these questions centered on the workforce and how these companies make money.

We are very excited to have participated in this event, and we will continue to talk about of how additive manufacturing is beneficial to a variety of manufacturers and not detrimental. These technologies can create a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial to each other.




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Why Thogus Supports Manufacturing Day

by Administrator30. October 2015 09:14

Pumpkin Decorating!


Families learning about rp+mAmerica is a country of makers. We build. We design. We manufacture. Cleveland is a storied manufacturing city. Our steel helped build this nation. We built cars that transformed our economy. Our port has transported goods across our nation. Thogus is proud to be part of this history and proud to be a manufacturer.  

In recent years it seems that manufacturing has lost its allure as a career-destination. Schools are doing away with shop classes and kids look at factories as dirty and dead-end. At Thogus that is simply not true and on October 2nd we held a Manufacturing Day Family Open House for our Thogus employees and their families to show them what next-generation manufacturing looks like. 
Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing, meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Who better to show what that looks like than our own employees and their families? With the official Manufacturing Day on Friday October 2nd, we decided to have an event showcasing what we do and why we are a career-destination!
The event began at 5:30 pm Friday evening. All employees and their families were invited and we had an awesome turnout of more than 100 people, and out of that we had around 40 kids! To appeal to our younger attendees we had pumpkin painting, Lego building, Play-Doh station, and coloring and crafts. What better way to emphasize manufacturing than to have the wee ones create?
For everyone, our inimitable Brad Krupa hosted tours of our facility to provide a first-hand view of what we do. He covered five different stations, rp+m & JALEX, tool room, Energizer, Shurtech. With his gregarious nature and humorous approach, Brad proved to be the perfect tour guide.  It's difficult be bored when he is around! 

Thogus is proud and excited to be part of this event, the Manufacturing Day. We want our future generations to know that manufacturing is an industry that is worth joining and one you can be proud to be part of! 


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Attorney General, Mike DeWine, visits Thogus and it's family of companies

by Administrator4. February 2015 13:53

Yesterday Mike DeWine, Ohio's Attorney General, made a special stop at Thogus and it's family of companies to learn more about Manufacturing that is happening right here in Northeast Ohio.   Our sister company, rp+m , was able to educate Mr. DeWine and his team on additive manufacturing and our technology platforms. 


"We love having visitors like Mike tour our company, because they are interested in learning more about manufacturing.  It's becoming sexy again and Thogus, rp+m and JALEX are at the forefront of it," states Matt Hlavin, CEO of  Thogus, rp+m and JALEX Medical.   "Not only was he able to see all of the technology we have invested in on our mass production floor, but he was also able to learn about the metals and polymer 3D Printing platforms we have.  We were able to show Mike how we have grown from a traditional manufacturing company into an advanced manufacturing company!"

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Thogus mentioned in White House Press Release

by Dana Foster19. January 2015 17:47


On January 9th, the President announced the latest in a series of partnerships aimed at boosting advanced manufacturing, fostering American innovation, and attracting well-paying jobs that will strengthen the middle class. After a decade of decline, American manufacturing is coming back, adding 786,000 new jobs since February 2010. Today’s new action is the kind of investment we need to build on this progress, creating the foundation needed for American manufacturing growth and competitiveness in the years to come.

Thogus is proud to be at the fore front of the manufacturing industry! Thogus creates The Edge of manufacturing with investments in the latest technology, people and solutions for key partners.  

Click here to read more.

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A Journey of Continuous Improvement

by bree palacios9. December 2014 11:15


Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination. Thogus Products began its adventure in 2009.

Over the course of the past 5 years, Thogus Products has made numerous ‘lean’ changes within the plant floor and offices which have positively impacted the company. ‘Lean’ is a method that many manufacturing companies practice to eliminate overall waste and improve processes. This is accomplished in means of reducing time, product and cost.

One of the most important ways in which Thogus Products creates solutions to eliminate waste is provided through the voice of the employee. Employees are encouraged to submit management alert cards when they find possible solutions to current waste in and around the plant floor. These cards are then reviewed through the Continuous Improvement Department where a new process is established and employees are then trained appropriately.

During the beginning of their ‘lean’ journey, Thogus Products invested in robotic arms to separate parts from the tooling cavities. Conveyors allowed parts to cool before dropping into a box to be sorted.

Listed below are further ways in which Thogus has created new ‘lean’ processes:

- AC and a chiller system were installed within the past two years which helped control the environment and the rate at how quickly parts cooled.

- Gaylord tippers were suggested by employees to allow material to continuously flow into the press hoppers. Portable gaylord tippers are also used which allow operators to tip/lift material from any location within the plant. This, too, was a suggestion by an employee.

- Job boards can be seen located at each press which display work order information, instructions, change process, lights, outlets and room to work freely. These boards allow operators to find all information needed to have a successful production run. The boards are also portable, which allows the operators to take them to other stations if needed.

- A forklift charging station was recently created in November. This station appears as a mini parking lot. All forklifts are to be returned to the station when not being used. There, other employees can locate the lifts and will have no worries of them not being charged.

There is no such thing as perfect, but Thogus Products believes that there is always room for improvement.

Portable gaylord tipper- Suggestion by Employee  

Portable gaylord tipper











Portable Job Boards- Suggestion by Employee












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Thogus Spotlight Friday- Making Customers Happy

by Administrator21. November 2014 10:36
  • Describe your role here at Thogus : “I am a Customer Service Representative for our strategic accounts. I take care of our top customers and assist the other Customer Service Representatives when needed. I love making our customers happy, because it makes me happy and it makes us a happy Thogus. Part of our mission is to satisfy and exceed customers' expectations.  We live by this here at Thogus. I make sure that our customers orders are processed, shipped in a timely manner, and that we ship quality products every time.”
  • What do you like most about Thogus? : “I love the people who I work with. It is like coming home instead of to work. My coworkers are my second family.”
  • What does teamwork mean to you? : “To me, teamwork is a group of people working together to meet the same objectives. Putting differences aside and working as one. That is what we have here at Thogus."







Rose Warington

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How Matthew K. Hlavin fosters his evolving business and creates Advanced Manufacturing Solutions...

by Christie Reznik11. September 2014 16:06
Crain's Cleveland Business featured Matt in a recent article where he talks about fostering a spirit of innovation, developing culture, engaging employees and the importance of attracting the next generation workforce of manufacturing. Ultimately, innovation creates value all around. Through the power of advanced manufacturing software and technology, and the enhanced capabilities they provide, companies like Thogus are entering into a new age of manufacturing, with their CEO Matt Hlavin, leading the charge. 

Click below to read the full article:

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Why lean manufacturing is important for creating a value stream and for reducing waste...

by Christie Reznik28. August 2014 13:00
According to an article in Industry Week, there are so many manufacturing plants across the United States today that are implementing lean initiatives. In order to perform lean initiatives within your organization, you need to set every lean journey up for success. Providing data, goals, objectives, and expectations will ensure the team within your organization is on board with you. Analyzing the work, finding and communicating the ways to improve it, and leading by example is key to a successful lean launch.  
Click here to read the article in its entirety:

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Thogus' Director of Happiness

by Dana Foster23. December 2013 09:57


"When you have happy employees, it shows in their work and in the company's bottom line," states Lisa Lehman, Thogus' Director of Happiness. 

Click here to see what it means to be the Director of Happiness.
















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