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rp+m: the new way to innovate

by Administrator15. February 2013 15:45

“Ideas push you. Once you initiate them, they push to be born.”

– T. Dosho Shifferaw, inventor

Whether you’re an independent inventor, a solo-mission entrepreneur, a small business or startup, a researcher or designer, or an established organization, the team of engineers and product developers at rp+m have the tools and expertise to take your concept from idea to reality. Our innovative processes allow you to walk through our door with nothing more than an idea scrawled on the back of a napkin – and back out again, finished product in hand, in a time-frame previously believed unthinkable.

Our team can work from traditional CAD files if you have them, but that isn’t necessary. Using NextEngine 3D scanning, our engineers can create a 3D model of your item within minutes. In only moments, our 3D scanner can measure one million points on your item (up to 50,000 points per second) to produce an editable CAD file. From there, you can make adjustments to your concept, rely on our engineering team’s expertise to help you make improvements, or move straight to prototype production.

The team at rp+m will tell you – they have some of the best jobs you can get. Where else can you actually have a hand in bringing dreams into reality? Contact us today to discover the ways that we can help you discover the new way to innovate.


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