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Why Corporate Wellness is Important...

by Dana Foster18. July 2013 15:14


Many of us look back on our earlier days and remember the bodies, fitness, and good health we used to have.  It’s not that we decided not to be active and fit anymore, but it just happened.  Why?  What made this change come about?  The answer could be a number of things from injury to starting a family.  However, for many the answer is work.  Thogus has recognized this as an issue and in response instituted its Corporate Wellness program.  Included in this program is access to the new gym and workout space in Thogus itself, as well as a partnership with a local fitness business, T3 Performance, through which all employees have access to trainers, classes, nutrition plans, and state of the art facilities for little to no cost.  For a number of employees, work is no longer an excuse getting in the way of living a healthy lifestyle, and no one epitomizes this more so than Scott Rhodes.  

Scott Rhodes started the Corporate Wellness program when it first began in May of 2011.  At that time he weighed between 250 and 260lbs, and he was determined to shed the weight.  He started on a two day per week schedule, going in to T3 after he got off his night shift from 9-10 a.m.  After a while Scott moved to day shift, and soon after decided to join the morning workout group that met at 6 a.m. on a four day per week basis.  He has been working out in the mornings before work for the past year and a half and continues to do so. 

Today Scott weighs around 205lbs, a total loss of about 50-60lbs, and has trimmed out 50% of his body fat; it’s an amazing transformation.  But Scott says the structured regimen designed by the trainers at T3 has not only changed him physically, but also carried over and positively influenced other areas of his life.  The dedication and commitment required to wake up every morning and go to the gym and give it your all has instilled in Scott a strong sense of discipline and an even greater work ethic.  These two traits have translated over to his professional life, as anyone will tell you Scott is one of the hardest workers around, hands down.  His new body allows him to excel in fulfilling the rigorous responsibilities of a material handler, as he has more energy, strength, and stamina to complete his daily tasks.  Our new and improved Scott not only excels at work but more importantly at home.  He now has the energy to be more active with his kids, for he even helps coach his son’s soccer team, something he never would have given himself a chance at two years ago.  As opposed to lounging around during the weekends, he is always active, whether it’s camping with his family or going golfing with his buddies. 

The Corporate Wellness program also offered Scott the opportunity to spend more time with his coworkers outside of work, something he has found to be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience.  As a result of joining the morning workout group, he has developed bonds and friendships with his coworkers and superiors that he says he would not have bloomed otherwise.  Scott noticed that the teamwork atmosphere at T3 translates over to Thogus, and when they are collaborating at work they definitely see how training together has helped a great deal.  It’s a unique group dynamic that has been cultivated, for although the participants range from hourly wage employees to the president of the company, everyone is equal in the gym.  They are all there putting in the same work to achieve their individual goals, but doing it together, and that’s what matters. 

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Lisa Lehman
Lisa LehmanUnited States
7/19/2013 8:25:41 AM #

What a wonderful example of how wellness can change how you feel about yourself and how it can impact all areas of your life in a positive light.

Way to go Scott!!!


Jim Bednar
Jim BednarUnited States
7/19/2013 5:28:19 PM #

Scott is an awesome inspiration!  Hope to join you by adding an "after" after picture soon Scott!


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