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Transitioning from the military to the workforce

by Administrator8. February 2016 10:26

Guest post from our own James Michalenko and his transition from the military to the workforce!

When I thought about what I wanted to do for a career as a high school graduate, I only knew that I wanted it to be fun, exciting and challenging. So I decided to join the United States Marine Corps Reserves while I decided on college. The Marine Corps Infantry delivered just about everything that I was looking for, but I realized it wasn't what I wanted to do long-term. After returning from boot camp, my father told me about a Plastics Engineering Technology program at The Behrend College, Pennsylvania State University in Erie, Pennsylvania. The main selling point at that time, in 2004, was that the industry was relatively young and the job placement was 99.0% coming out of the program. I decided to try it out and quickly realized that it could possibly deliver the challenge I was looking for. I believed it could also occupy and interest me with all of the different types of manufacturing and engineering opportunities that exist, relative to the industry. In 2005, I was soon pulled out of college and the Plastics Engineering Technology program to serve overseas in Iraq. Returning back to school was difficult, however, the technical exposure, opportunity and the humming of an injection molding machine quickly got me back into plastics engineering and manufacturing. Today, I experience more opportunities to engineer applications and products than I could have ever imagined. The troubleshooting, critical thinking and discipline, among other things, that I developed while in the Corps, prepared me well for the manufacturing leadership position I hold today. It is obvious that the industry is still developing beyond what it was when I joined, and there is still much to be learned and redefined in the industry. It's exciting to be apart of the plastics industry.

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