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Radiation Shielding | RPT

Radiation Protection Technologies (RPT) provides solutions for direct replacement of lead in radiation shielding applications.

For many decades, lead (Pb) was the best option for protecting against radiation. It was cheap and plentiful, but it was toxic and highly-hazardous.

Manufacturing with lead is currently banned in Europe, and is on track to be banned in the U.S. As lead is phased out, other materials are needed to effectively and safely shield against radiation.

Our Answer to the Lead Issue

RPT partnered in the development of a proprietary combination of tungsten and polymers called PolyTungsten. PolyTungsten has the same density as lead, meaning it can shield radiation at the same level as lead. It retains its shape during use, and can be used in many applications. PolyTungsten is safe and reliable—it meets US, EPA, OSHA, and RoHS standards.

Injection molding of this product is challenging. Not many companies specialize in this field—RPT has pioneered the technology and methodology. We specialize in providing the highest levels of shielding possible.

Shielding and Guiding Radiation

Injection-molded PolyTungsten parts have been successfully used in:

  • CT scanners
  • X-ray machines
  • Radiation therapy
  • Nuclear medicine equipment
  • Collimators 

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