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Lead Replacement Solutions

For many decades, lead (Pb) has been the standard for shielding against radiation. Lead, however, is a toxic material. Its use is already banned in many applications, and it will soon be banned in even more.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives state that all medical devices must be lead-free within the next few years. This lead-free mandate is already in effect for manufacturers in other countries.

Many materials can serve as replacements for lead, but not many materials can shield radiation as effectively as lead. RPT has developed a safe solution that doesn’t compromise the radiation shielding properties.


RPT offers tungsten-filled polymers that block radiation as efficiently as lead—with none of lead’s potential dangers. This PolyTungsten material is safe and reliable—and works as well as lead.

This proprietary polymer provides radiation shielding and attenuation up to and including a one-to-one equivalency with lead. RPT injection molds PolyTungsten into myriad products and parts, and can be customized for any number of applications.

Safe Lead Replacement

We’ve extensively tested PolyTungsten, both on prototypes and with actual products. Our testing process proves that PolyTungsten is as effective as lead. It has no leakage or hot spots, and unlike lead, it is non-toxic.

Our solution is now being used by global medical device manufacturers. RPT PolyTungsten can be found in:

  • X-Ray rooms
  • X-Ray vests
  • Medical cabinetry
  • Medical imaging equipment

Need to shield against radiation—safely? Hear how PolyTungsten can help.

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