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Metal to Plastic Replacements

Metal parts have many weaknesses. They can be susceptible to thermal changes, abrasion from chemicals, and rust.

Plastic parts are a smart choice. They’re impervious and resistant to these weaknesses. Thogus produces plastic parts and fittings that are reliable, durable, and economical.

Switching from metal to plastic parts can save you money while making a stronger product.

Expertise and Technology

Thogus has the expertise to make the switch as smooth as possible. Our engineers partner with clients to determine the precise needs of each project. These requirements influence material selection and the manufacturing process.

Our engineering knowledge and technology enables us to swiftly and accurately replace your metal part. Thogus uses 3-D scanners to create exact duplicates of your metal parts and fittings. Then they are injection molded out of the appropriate thermoplastic.

Better Performance, Lower Cost

Plastic fittings offer countless benefits, including:

  • Corrosion elimination
  • Noise reduction
  • Lower weight than metal
  • Enabling consolidation of parts
  • Lower friction
  • Easier manufacturing
  • Lower cost

Want to learn more about metal to plastic conversion? Let us show you how.

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