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Thogus Spotlight Friday- Making Customers Happy

by Administrator21. November 2014 10:36
  • Describe your role here at Thogus : “I am a Customer Service Representative for our strategic accounts. I take care of our top customers and assist the other Customer Service Representatives when needed. I love making our customers happy, because it makes me happy and it makes us a happy Thogus. Part of our mission is to satisfy and exceed customers' expectations.  We live by this here at Thogus. I make sure that our customers orders are processed, shipped in a timely manner, and that we ship quality products every time.”
  • What do you like most about Thogus? : “I love the people who I work with. It is like coming home instead of to work. My coworkers are my second family.”
  • What does teamwork mean to you? : “To me, teamwork is a group of people working together to meet the same objectives. Putting differences aside and working as one. That is what we have here at Thogus."







Rose Warington

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Why lean manufacturing is important for creating a value stream and for reducing waste...

by Christie Reznik28. August 2014 13:00
According to an article in Industry Week, there are so many manufacturing plants across the United States today that are implementing lean initiatives. In order to perform lean initiatives within your organization, you need to set every lean journey up for success. Providing data, goals, objectives, and expectations will ensure the team within your organization is on board with you. Analyzing the work, finding and communicating the ways to improve it, and leading by example is key to a successful lean launch.  
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