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Specialized Solutions with

Custom Thermoplastics

Most of the time, commodity and engineering-grade resins are enough to meet the needs of our customers. But sometimes, specialized applications call for specialized solutions. That’s where custom thermoplastics come in. Often referred to as specialty or custom compounds, custom thermoplastics are unique blends of polymers and additives that are specifically tailored to meet the precise requirements of a particular application.

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At Thogus, we have years of experience successfully running custom compounds like tungsten-filled nylon, 50% glass-filled polypropylene, and many more.

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How Thogus Compounds Custom Thermoplastics

The Right Tooling

We understand how tooling should be designed and constructed to minimize wear and ensure part quality.

Specialized Processing

We know how to effectively process highly-filled materials to ensure a uniform fill across the entirety of your part.

Optimized Designs

By providing input on part design, we can achieve optimal flow characteristics to ensure the molded product meets the design intent.

Some of the Benefits of Custom Thermoplastics

  • Radiation Shielding

  • EFI/RMI Shielding

  • High Strength

  • Lightweight

  • Noise Reduction

  • Vibration Dampening

  • Medical Sterilization

Get Custom Thermoplastic Injection Molding from Thogus

At Thogus, we’re a full-service injection molder that specializes in high-volume production. We work with a variety of materials, including commodity resins, engineered resins, and custom-formulated resins to ensure the parts we produce for you meet your exact needs. Whatever you’re looking for, we have the capabilities to deliver.

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