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Secondary Operations

The whole package

When your project requires a complete supply chain solution, Thogus’s secondary operations are there to fine-tune your product post-production.

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plastic medical PPE ventilator

Here's a sampling of secondary operations we offer:

Secondary Operations

Thogus’s white-glove service doesn’t stop after your product is produced. Whether you need help with annealing plastic, threaded inserts for plastic, ultrasonic welding plastic parts, or treatment for your injection molded part postproduction, our wide array of secondary operations has you covered.

When your custom plastic injection molding project is complete, why not take the extra steps to improve your plastic part? We have the in-house capabilities to handle post-mold treatments and assembly operations and employ strategic vendor partners for decorative services.

Choosing to take advantage of our postproduction secondary services means improved quality and performance. Here are our treatment options below:

Post Mold Part Treatments

Assembly Operations

Decorative Services

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