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Frequently AskedQuestions

New to Thogus? Here are our most frequently asked questions related to our processes.

Three piles of plastic polypropylene granules to be melted for custom plastic injection molding

Where are you located?

Avon Lake, OH, and Tipp City, OH.

What is Thogus’ machine tonnage

We have 55 machines with tonnage ranging between 90 and 720. The majority of our machines are within the 400 to 720-ton range, followed by the range 200 to 400 ton.

What types of injection molding do you do?

We take injection molding projects of all material types, from commodity PP to highly filled nylons to PEEK. We can complete everything from shoot-and-ship to light value-add assembly and secondary operations. Typically, we do medium to high volume molding programs. We also manage new tool builds and transfer tooling for complete supply chain solutions.

What is your capacity?

With our acquisition on Proto Plastics in 2019, and investments in new machines, we have capacity to support a wide range of applications. Six new machines were purchased in 2020 to support 400-720-ton demand. We operate 24/7 at our Avon Lake, OH facility, with a goal to operate at least 50% capacity on a 24/7 basis to ensure maximum flexibility with changes in demand.

What industries do you serve?

We provide injection molding for a variety of applications and industries, including small appliances, consumer goods, medical/healthcare, packaging, tube and hose fittings, and more.

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