With supply chain resiliency and agility at the top of mind for many businesses, transfer tooling is becoming increasingly popular for those that rely on responsive injection molding manufacturing services. In some ways, this is still related to the recovery from the Covid economic downturn; but other factors such as geopolitical tensions and changing consumer demands are making it more important than ever for OEMs to be able to adapt quickly to changes in the supply chain. Transferring your tooling to a new partner is one strategy that OEMs can utilize to ensure improved part quality, cost savings, and stronger supplier relationships. But how do you know that taking advantage of transfer tooling services is right for your needs? Here are 5 signs it might be time to consider transfer tooling procedures. 

The Benefits of Transfer Tooling

In the context of this blog, the term “transfer tooling services” refers to the act of moving your tooling or manufacturing processes from one manufacturer to another. This typically involves the transfer of injection molds, jigs and fixtures, assembly fixtures, and sometimes even automation tools and quality control tools. 

While it can be an extremely extensive process, there are several long-term benefits that can outweigh the short-term inconveniences, including:

  • Minimized development costs and downtime
  • Cost savings and time-efficiency
  • Preservation of know-how 
  • And decreased unpredictability in your supply chain

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 signs that transfer tooling services could be the right move for your business.

5 Signs that Transfer Tooling Services Could Be Right for Your Business

Sign 1: Scalability is a Top Priority

If your business is experiencing growth and scalability is a top priority, then transferring your tooling to a new injection molding partner can be a strategic move. Transfer tooling can enable you to tap into specialized expertise that you may not have had with your previous partner. Whether it’s advanced materials, innovative processes, or specific industry know-how, a new molder can bring a fresh perspective and new capabilities to your projects.

Utilizing transfer tooling services can also help you expedite product development and manufacturing and reduce your time to market. This is particularly the case when your new injection molding partner has advanced technology and streamlined processes in place. Transferring to a partner with a higher capacity can also allow you to adjust production volume without the constraints of in-house limitations.

Sign 2: Communication is a Major Concern

Effective communication is the foundation of good manufacturing partnerships. If you find that communication is lacking with your current injection molding partner, that’s a definite sign that it might be time to undergo a transfer tooling process.

Transferring your tooling to a new manufacturer allows you to start with a clean slate. You can set clear expectations from the beginning about your quality standards, product requirements, and project timelines to ensure that both parties are aligned. This is also a great opportunity to set up channels to facilitate the frequent sharing of updates, progress reports, and feedback between you and your injection molder.

Sign 3: You Want to Minimize Disruptions

If you’re currently experiencing production disruptions, taking on a transfer tooling process might be one of the best ways to mitigate this. Transferring your tooling to another manufacturer gives you the chance to reassess how you’re allocating your resources and find ways of doing so more efficiently. This is especially true if you’ve been handling some of your own production needs up to this point; when you transfer tooling to another partner, you can focus more on your core competencies rather than in-house tooling and processes.

Third-party tooling also often provides professional project management to ensure timelines are met and issues are identified quickly. And, risks like technology investments, equipment maintenance, and workforce management are shifted to your manufacturing partner.

Sign 4: You Want to Enhance Capacity and Lead Times

When it comes to staying competitive, agility and the ability to adapt to changes in demand are key. If you find that your business is in a good position to enhance capacity and reduce lead times, but your current manufacturing solutions are not up to the task, it may be time to consider transferring your tooling to a new injection molding partner. 

A new injection molder can offer the agility you’ll need to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. With processes optimized for set-up time and a proven track record in lead time optimization, a new molder can help you respond to market changes more swiftly and get your products to market faster. Plus, choosing the right partner gives you more access to specialized equipment without having to invest in the machines and the training yourself.

Sign 5: You Want to Foster Continuous Improvement in Your Business

Finally, if continuous improvement is a priority in your business but your current manufacturing solutions seem to have stalled out, transferring your tooling to a new third party gives you the chance to reorient around this goal. A new injection molding partner with performance benchmarks and best practices already in place will know how to approach your projects with a focus on improvement. 

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