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Two-Shot Injection Molding

Two steps, one cycle

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What is two-shot injection molding?

Two-shot injection molding is a technique for layering two or more materials in different shapes on top of one another to create the finished product. It requires specialized machines that can complete the injection molding process twice in a single cycle. In the first step of this process, one material is injected into the mold to form the main shape. This shape contains holes or spaces, which are then filled in by the second material when it is injected in step 2.

Benefits of two-shot injection molding

Two-shot injection molding uses a single process to create parts that have multiple pieces. This allows manufacturers to create more complex pieces without the risk of contamination, which is a common problem when combining pieces molded through two different processes. Parts created through two-shot injection molding are far more durable than parts composed of individual pieces that are molded separately; they are shock-resistant, form stronger seals, and create color patterns that won’t wear off. As an added bonus, the single process of two-shot injection molding is less expensive and more efficient than creating parts using two or more distinct processes, so you’ll save time and money while producing a higher-quality product.

Uses for two-shot injection molding

  • Multi-color parts
  • Products requiring different materials, such as rubber and plastic components
  • Moving parts molded in a single cycle
  • Parts that need to be reinforced with other materials, as in automotive and aerospace manufacturing

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