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Consumer Products

Products designed for the consumer market face some stiff competition.

Consumers have more choices than ever, and they want the best possible products—at a good price. They’re savvy, and they can tell the difference between inferior products and high-quality products.

Thogus produces high-quality plastic components for thousands of different consumer products. We specialize in creating plastic parts that are durable and high-performing.

Our experienced engineers control for quality by testing products for tolerance, accuracy, fit, and function. And they advise how to create the best possible piece—for the lowest possible price.

Thogus has created:

  • Sporting equipment
  • Blenders

rp+m has created:

  • Toys
  • Sporting equipment
  • iPhone covers
  • Zip ties

Are you looking for economic ways to create excellent parts for the consumer market? We can help.

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