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Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger

Color ink cartridge in the inkjet plotter printer

As electronics continue shifting towards smaller, faster designs with better durability, companies are looking for parts made with high precision and strength.

Our Manufacturing by Design process ensures we meet today's electronic demands by pushing the capabilities of part design, material performance, tooling output and process optimization.   

Hard-working Materials

Electronic components face a number of stresses and need the right material to withstand these stresses.  We have experience processing a variety of resins for many applications:

  • Shield units from electromagnetic interference
  • Prevent radio frequency interference
  • Protect against chemicals, heat, moisture, and abrasion

Electronics Expertise

We have worked in the electronics industry for decades and understand the ins and outs of the fast-paced field:

  • Selecting the best material
  • Part design optimization
  • Production efficiency

From initial design support through post production optimization, we can assist you every step of the way.  Current and past projects include:

  • Flashlight manufacturing and assembly
  • Gauges, Metering devices, and many more

Our flexibility and agility help us keep up with the speed of innovation in this constantly-evolving industry. No matter your idea, we have a team of experts that can bring it to life. 

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