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Reducer Bushings

Our newly tooled reducer bushings are available in a range of standard sizes and materials.

You can depend on Thogus’ reducer bushings to provide a reliable, durable connection.

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Thogus Warranty: Thogus does not warrant the suitability of any raw material or any fitting for any specific purpose or application We highly recommend customer testing be performed to verify the material and fitting qualifies for their specific applications. Whenever possible, hose clamps are recommended. Upon request, material specification data sheets are provided.

Reducer Bushings

A sketch outlining the parts of red bushings

Available Materials: Part No. Suffix: N, PPB;

Male NPT X | Female NPT Part No:
1/4 X 1/8 TRB1418 N PPB
3/8 X 1/8 TRB3818 N PPB
1/2 X 1/8 TRB1218 N PPB
3/4 X 1/8 TRB3418 N PPB
3/8 X 1/4 TRB3814 N PPB
Male NPT X | Female NPT Part No:
1/2 X 1/4 TRB1214 N PPB
3/4 X 1/4 TRB3414 N PPB
1/2 X 3/8 TRB1238 N PPB
3/4 X 3/8 TRB3438 N PPB
3/4 X 1/2 TRB3412 N PPB
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