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You Think It, We Can Make It...

Founded in 1950, Thogus is a custom plastic injection molder and contract manufacturer. We are experts in the processing of a variety of plastic resins; specializing in highly engineered materials. 

Over the years we have transformed from a shoot and ship molder to a company full of engineers ready to service our customer's product development needs. And where possible we provide a complete end-to-end solution with direct-to-retail product packaging and shipment. 

Develop, Prototype, Produce—Under One Roof

Our focus is and always will be on our customer. From our Vision, to our Mission, to our Core Values, we believe in creating lasting partnerships with our customers and supply chain partners so that we can grown and learn together. 

In collaboration with rp+m, another part of the Thogus family of companies, we can design and produce a prototype in-house, and then produce the actual item in-house. This saves you time, energy, and money.

At the end of the day we believe in creating TRUST by being TRANSPARENT, which ultimately brings the most VALUE to everyone involved. 

Thogus Capabilities

Thogus has the capacity for large runs—we can produce millions of parts annually.

In our 76,000 square foot facility we have over 35 injection molding machines that range in size from 44 - 400 ton. 

Thogus offers a wide variety of services, including:

Manufacturing Services:

  • Insert molding
  • Two-shot / over molding
  • Robotic-assisted manufacturing
  • Pad printing
  • In-mold labeling 
  • Gas assist
  • Heat staking
  • Ultra-sonic welding
  • CNC machining
  • Class 7 Clean Room
  • Assembly capabilities

Support Services: 

  • Engineering services
  • Program management
  • Fully-integrated quality system
  • Supply chain coordination
  • In-house tooling support
  • On-site prototyping and rapid production

Partners in the Process

We partner with our clients to produce their parts. Our customers are the most successful when we collaborate with them as strategic partners.

Getting Thogus involved early in the project life cycle improves results. Our highly-trained engineers can assist in every step of the process, from design, material selection, prototyping, tweaking and updating designs, cost projections, and more.

Proprietary Fittings

Thogus also offers a proprietary line of fittings. We have thousands of different styles of durable fittings. We can also produce customized fittings designed to your exact specifications.

Do you need to produce millions of parts? Don’t know where to start? Thogus can help—contact us today!

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